Solar PV Generation

The Sun will always be shinning in our lifetime, and many more generations to come (hopefully)...

So why not harness all that potential free energy and save yourself from the restraints and costs associated with typical "On Grid" situations.

We believe in only recommended quality products to our clients for a complete "fit & forget" energy solution. The range of Panasonic HIT Hybrid solar panels appear to be the most reliable modules in low light and high temperature conditions, and we strongly see the benefits of using these together with an optimised Inverter, such as the SolarEdge range.
Due to the individual nature of every home or location we believe that the easiest way to start at the right point is with a simple call. Followed by an on-site technical survey to confirm all of the smaller details.

Domestic Energy Generation

Advice On The Highest Quality Products:
  • Panasonic HIT Range of Solar Panels
  • SolarEdge Optimised Inverters
  • P400 High Power Optimisers
  • Ironridge Mounting Rack Range

Business/Industrial Energy

Reduce your Carbon footprint and energy costs
  • SolarEdge Full Monitoring Portal
  • Energy Grade Intergrated Meters
  • SolarWorld MonoCrystalline Modules
  • Multiple Bus-connected Inverters

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