LED Lighting Systems

The perfect companion for solar pv powered storage systems... better light, 95% less power!

If you are focused on only using the energy that you can harvest and store yourself, or want to massively reduce your business' running costs, then it makes complete sense to switch to LED replacement lamps, helping you conserve that vital battery power or lower that next bill. LED lamps run much cooler too, so less power is used by your air-conditioning trying to compensate.

Replacement LED's for your Home

The different types available:
  • GU10 (downlighter) replacements
  • Golf Ball style replacements
  • Standard fitting replacements
  • Exterior replacements/fittings

Solutions for Business

Reduce Carbon footprint and energy costs
  • Full Turnkey Lighting System Design
  • Full Project Managment
  • Saving projections & analysis
  • Smart zone systems experts

Typical LED Lamps

led lamps